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Black portoro marble Love sculpture with the letter l and a tilted letter o atop the letters v and e

Left to right, LOVE (1965), AHAVA (1977–2004), and AMOR (1998–2001), on display in Robert Indiana: The Sweet Mystery, Procuratie Vecchie, Venice. Photo: Marco Cappelletti; Artwork: © Morgan Art Foundation Ltd./Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

In addition to the 88 official National Pavilions of the Biennale Arte, there are 30 official collateral events dotted around la Serenissima, which are curated independently of the overriding Biennale Arte. These include museum shows and presentations by commercial galleries or private collections.

Lee Sharrock picks some highlights, including ‘M.F. Husain: The Rooted Nomad’ at the Magazzini del Sale, GLASSTRESS 8 ½ at Fondazione Berengo; I’m not afraid of Ghosts, TCollection and at Palazzo Tiepolo Passi; Chanakya School Cosmic Garden at Salone Verde; Osman Yousefzada Welcome! A Palazzo for Immigrants and Breasts at ACP Palazzo Franchetti; Robert Indiana: The Sweet Mystery at Procuratie Vecchie, Willem de Kooning and Italy at the Gallerie dell’Accademia; and In Praise of Black Errantry at Palazzo Pisani S. Marina.